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It’s Time to Order Your Course Packs For The Fall Rush.


“Fall Rush? That’s a few months away.” We hear you. By ordering your course packs now you’ll have time to clear copyright permissions and have the material assembled and proofed by the instructor(s). Then the rush won’t feel so…rushed.

Build your print or digital course pack by including your original content, book chapters, journal articles, out-of-print books, magazine articles and business cases.

LAD will obtain permissions, pay royalties and deliver a quality product…on time! We’ve been delivering course packs, and custom course materials, for 20+ years. Over 900 colleges and universities partner with LAD because of the advantages we offer.

The LAD Course Pack Advantage





Customer Service. With our team, customer service is #1. We are devoted to earning your business.

Reduce costs. LAD’s Copyright Cost Management Program keeps copyright fees under control. LAD negotiates royalty fees with content providers, which includes OER content, out-of-print books and business cases.

Increase Sell Through. With exclusivity and low-cost production options, LAD gives your store affordable course materials with higher sell-through.

100% Return Policy. LAD offers a 100% credit on unsold course packs.

Guaranteed Ship Date. We give a “guaranteed ship date” so faculty and students know when it will arrive at the bookstore.

Content Assembly. Send us your original materials. We’ll scan and prepare the files for production (we return your material to you with the order).

Production options. Page layout, table of contents, pagination, cover, copy style and binding.

Digital. The eLAD digital portal is a virtual, centralized platform to produce and deliver safe and secure digital versions of their custom content.

Student Lab Notebooks. Notebooks that feature perforated, carbonless page sets, an experiment log to keep track of labs, and an updated periodic table of elements.

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