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What exactly is a course pack?

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A course pack is a collection of various materials – such as scholarly and journal articles, business cases, book chapters, anthology selections, instructor notes and slides – all assembled by LAD into one, high-quality packet.

LAD clears permissions for use on all copyrighted content and the complete pack is published (printed, digitally or both) as a textbook supplement. In some cases, our course packs are a textbook replacement.

Let’s say you are teaching Business 101. There’s a great textbook on the matter, but only a couple of chapters are relevant to what you’re teaching. So, you take only those 2 chapters. There’s also a great chapter from another textbook that you want included. You might need a few business cases. There’s an online article you want added, a few more articles from other sources. Plus, you’ve got your own study notes that you want included.

Combine all of that into one course packet for your students.

The LAD Advantage

Take advantage of our flexible production solutions, from page layout to book binding, including a free addition of a Table of Contents and Pagination.

There are other options – our course packs are truly custom products!  From the minute your order is received, our experienced staff members are assigned to take it from start to finish. We put your course pack together similar to building a puzzle: negotiate copyrights, master file creation, accurate production and LAD will process and pay professor royalties on custom content. We take pride in delivering your puzzle without a missing piece.

Getting Started

Tell us about your course and material(s).

An order form and citation form can be downloaded here, which you can email us.

You can also fill out our online order form here.

If there are any questions about our forms, feel free to call our customer service at 877.318.8800.

A LAD representative will reach out to discuss your custom course pack and submitting your material.

We will begin to clear permissions on copyrighted content and assemble the material.

LAD does have a custom academic publishing program for the content you’ve created. Learn more here.