eLAD Digital Portal

One central location...students choose their preferred digital delivery.

A virtual, centralized platform for universities and bookstores to produce and deliver secure digital versions of their custom content.
It's all about choices! Students get to choose their preferred digital delivery method to access their course materials.

Digital PDF

Digitally protected with our Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.
  • Download course materials via access code
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Original Works, out-of-print books or custom content from other publishers
  • Active hyperlinks

iPad App

Native App
  • iPhone Compatible
  • Interactive
  • Highlight, bookmark
  • Take and store notes

Cloud Reader

Access from any computer or device that has an internet browser.
  • Interactive
  • Annotations
  • Highlight, bookmark
  • Word search and word definition features
  • Take and store notes

Secure Videos

Faculty now have a secure way to deliver their videos with the eLAD Video Library. Only students that have purchased access to the course can view these videos.

It's all about choices!

Give your students the choice - their preferred digital delivery method to access their course materials: downloading a digitally protected PDF, using an iPad App, viewing on a cloud-based reader via the internet or using secure videos.

Easily Accessed

Registration is quick and easy. Once registered and logged in, a student uses an access code to access their course material. It's that simple.


Custom content is secured with our Digital Rights Management (DRM).Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a term referring to various access control technologies that are used to restrict the usage of proprietary software, hardware, or content.

Easily Viewed

Each access codes comes with a full set of instructions. Our digital portal has a great tutorial section on using each platform. And any students that contact us with technical questions are responded to in a rapid manner.


Students today expect content that fits into their digital lifestyles.

Save the Student Money

eLAD Logo

Our digital portal was born out of our desire to provide delivery options to faculty and students. LAD developed one central location where students could choose their preferred digital delivery method.

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