"The packets were received and we are very pleased with the process and the results."

Logan University

"Thanks, too, for your wonderful work. I hope I tell you often enough how much we appreciate your service and all you do to help the students along! You and your company are wonderful!"

Customer: 7 years +

"What an amazing job you did with the colors of my photographs! So brilliant and beautiful! I love it! Remarkable job done in amazingly quick time, thanks to all that you all contributed. I'm very happy with the results."

Richland College

"We had a situation on our campus where an instructor was about to stop using a course pack at all because of problems that they had encountered previously. When I first got in contact with LAD, Dave Binnix flew to meet up with this particular instructor. This instructor decided to have LAD produce her packet and got a colleague to produce a packet as well. Both were extremely pleased with the finished product, and any re-orders that I have had to place have been shipped to us within one business day! After the success with these two packets, several other professors decided to have LAD produce their packets. They have been extremely pleased with the finished products and my life has become much less complicated with the improved turnaround time on re-orders and a quality product when it is received. I am extremely glad that we now use LAD exclusively for our course packs."

Text Manager, PTC Bookstore

"I'll never hesitate to recommend your company. I cannot believe how seamlessly everything has gone. As a longtime manufacturer, I'm accustomed to Murphy's Law, and little things going wrong in the 11th hour... now that it comes to my own book, I'm glad that you managed to keep Mr. Murphy tranquilized and comatose."

Dean College, Franklin, MA

"LAD hasn't missed a beat. I would recommend LAD to anyone that has to deal with course packets. I have worked with course packets for about 7 years now and have never experienced such efficient and friendly customer care as I have with LAD. Thanks for a such a great job!"

Textbook Buyer, Auburn University

"The service I have received from the people at LAD has been excellent. Their friendly customer service employees respond to my questions quickly and check with me to be sure the course packs are correctly printed. I feel as though my complete satisfaction is their goal."

Textbook Manager, Birmingham Southern College

"WOW! Please let those in production know, as well as anyone who will listen, that I am blown away by the look, feel, and precision of the copy. There are no flaws, and it is better than I could have imagined. Seriously, thank you so much for your patience and assistance during this process."

English Department, NHTI-Concord's Community College

"I picked up my desk copy of the course packet yesterday, and it's perfect. Just as I hoped! Thanks so much for a job well done!"

Saint Anselm College

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you and LAD Custom Publishing for the wonderful work you do for Palm Beach Community College Bookstore. Since I switched to your company, my custom publishing/printing problems are over. You are always polite and professional and make my ordering task an uncomplicated one. Believe me, having the privilege of knowing that once I place an order it will be completed and sent to me exactly as I ordered is awesome. I know that I am not your only customer, but knowing that each and every time I call you treat me like I am, is wonderful. Service like that is just not available any more. Again, thank you for making my job easier and for the excellent products you produce."

Text Manager, Palm Beach Community College Central and Belle Glade Campuses

"As a business professional I put my name on the line when I promise a service to my customers. I hesitate to give that promise, if the promise hinges on another persons work and/or work ethics. I know from experience that Lance Liggin and his team are professionals who value their business name and integrity. If LAD makes a promise to have an item to me by a given day, I can rest assured that I will have it. I never fear giving my word based on whether or not LAD Publishing will have my product to me as promised. I can recommend them without any doubt that my business name will not suffer by doing so."

Bookstore Manager, University of Miami Medical

"The service I have received from the people at LAD has been excellent. Their friendly customer service employees respond to my questions quickly and check with me to be sure the course packs are correctly printed. I feel as though my complete satisfaction is their goal."

Textbook Manager, Birmingham Southern College

"The Business Writing course pack you put together (and facilitated) looks beautiful. I am really happy with it. It is not only ready, but looks far more professional than I would have imagined given the course packs I have had to buy myself in the past."

Suffolk University, Boston, MA

"The staff at LAD provides outstanding customer service. They are professional and well-versed in the copyright process. They never fail to come through in a pinch."

Text Manager, Bill's Bookstore

"I have been in the course pack business for over 10 years and in that time I have seen a lot of changes in the production and presentation of course packs, much to my dismay. I am a firm believer in delivering a quality product at an affordable price to the students. No fancy packages and gimmicks, just the product please. LAD fits this niche perfectly. Their attention to quality, price, and time are to be commended. Let's be real, course packets are just photocopies dolled up with royalties and flourishes and the student could care less, except the $ amount. If you want "simple" LAD is the one for you!"

Assistant Textbook Manager,University of Iowa

"Last Fall our course packets were late and cost so much that the students were ready to boycott. We gave LAD all of our course packet business and we haven't had any problems. We have even heard students making positive comments about the price. LAD helped our business by taking the stress out of course packets for us and our students. Thanks LAD."

Asbury Seminary Bookstore Manager

"Thank you so much to LAD and to Natalie Flanagan! We are currently a month past our first rush using LAD for the bulk of our course packs, and I still can't get over how easy and seamless the change was. Our packs were done right and on time. The Guaranteed Ship Date allows me to relax and know that I can trust LAD, and give my word to the faculty without fear of being let down. On top of that however, dealing with the same person all the time who knows your store's individual needs is wonderful. Everyone at LAD is so friendly and I am absolutely thrilled with the service they have provided for our store, faculty and students."

Assistant Textbook Manager, SSI Bookstore West Chester University of Pennsylvania

"The level of service I have received from everyone at LAD Custom Publishing has been nothing short of great. Their friendly, customer service oriented staff has helped me resolve issues from the past with regards to custom publications that had caused some faculty members to look elsewhere for their custom publishing needs. As a result of the faculty regaining faith in our ability to provide good quality, copyright cleared custom publication our custom business is back on track and growing every month. Thank you LAD Staff for everything you do!!!"

Textbook Manager, University Bookstore Southern Illinois University

"On a whim, I chose to try LAD for my course pack needs. I made the best decision for my store, as well as my customers! With exceptional service and perfect course packs, LAD has followed through on all of their promises. From ordering to returning, the process is painless. LAD recognizes that, when it comes to a course pack, my service to my customers is dependent upon their work. I can't thank LAD enough and I look forward to doing much more business with LAD in the future."

Textbook Manager, U of Hartford Bookstore

"I was amazed with the quality of my course handbooks! In particular, the full-color covers were professionally designed with unique, creative content that was especially appealing to my college students."

English Department, NHTI-Concords Community College, New Hampshire

"I am very pleased with the look of the product (and the students seem impressed, too), and you really turned the job around quickly, after I gave it to you late. In addition, you were clear and encouraging in our phone contacts. I will happily come to you and LAD for any further custom text publishing."

Franklin Pierce University